The good people of Vvardenfell seem somewhat desperate for attention, don't they? I mean, sometimes it can be rather distracting when you're trying to make your way through the Guild of Mages to talk to the guild guide and every novice and warlock in town comes by just to holler at you and make you listen to their witty remarks.

With "Shut Up!" other characters will only address you if you show signs of willingness to talk first.

Version: 1.1
Year of release: 2011
File size: 2.42 KB
Requirements: Morrowind+ any expansion set + MWSE (see readme)

Gameplay videos:

Enjoy the silence.


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2015-10-02 • 12:55
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2015-03-10 • 11:31
chris Kutcher
2015-02-18 • 09:23
2014-08-03 • 02:51
2014-03-22 • 16:39
I installed this, but now none of the NPC's talk to me even when facing them.
2011-10-07 • 23:09
Thanks for this.
thank you
2011-08-09 • 17:07
oh god thank you so much, those chatty npcs were driving me nuts