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Hammer of Kings
A repair hammer that never runs out of uses but drains your cash with each hit instead. You know. Something for something.
Version: 1.2b
Year of release: 2010
File size: 195 KB
Requirements: Morrowind

Mazed Band
A fresh new look and feature update for Barilzar's Mazed Band. The ring's powers remain the same but the way they are accessed is improved.
Version: 1.0a
Year of release: 2011
File size: 40 KB
Requirements: Morrowind + Tribunal

Legion Badge
Wear the stylish and practical Legion Officer Badge instead of those bulky Imperial Legion uniforms.
Version: 1.0
Year of release: 2011
File size: 10 KB
Requirements: Morrowind


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2014-08-03 • 02:48
2013-06-03 • 07:32
That's pretty cool , do you have a way to get them to me ?