This is a newer and more technically advanced version of my Library Revised mod. The portable library is located in an atmospheric little cavern very, very deep below ground. After you find the mysterious artifact that acts as a portal to your personal study, you may visit here at any time and display your recently found books with the help of an enchanted chest that can copy and arrange up to 369 distinct books and notes. You can also dump your loot here, rest up a bit, and continue your journey from where you left off.

Skizo has released a Book Jackets compatibility patch, which you can grab right here.

Version: 1.3b
Year of release: 2010
File size: 729 KB
Requirements: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon + MWSE (see readme)


That's my very own book collection!
Okay, I've cheated a little bit.
Anyone for a swim?
Dwemer schematics.


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2017-04-23 • 08:36
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2014-11-24 • 21:52
2014-11-14 • 12:08
Any chance you can add all of the missing notes? There's a lot that's not included.
2014-08-03 • 02:56
2014-02-23 • 05:13
Ah, that is 'portable hole'. But you get the gist. Turns out that the whole area resets, so if there are any containers you could loot them infinitely.
2014-02-22 • 11:23
Hey Adul, I realise it's been a while, but I discovered a bug in the portal ring. When you teleport back from the cave to say, an ancestral tomb, the monsters will be reset. Meaning, they're alive again. Any chance for a quick fix? Or else, instructions on how I could fix this myself?
Website Admin Adam Zsoldos
2011-11-16 • 15:33
@nickelfire: I can't determine why the mod doesn't work for you from what you've told me, but I would suggest you to take the same troubleshooting steps I've listed in the second post on this page.
2011-11-14 • 04:03
So I got it to work but it stops working when I leave the area I'm in...
2011-11-14 • 03:05
The portable hole doesn't transport me there...
Website Admin Adam Zsoldos
2011-01-20 • 19:51
@Books all there: It's difficult to say what might have gone wrong there. I've checked it just now, and the 1.3 version works fine with new games for me. The local script that causes all the books to be disabled (e.g. invisible) when you first enter the cell heavily uses MWSE syntax, so it might be worth checking whether MWSE works correctly in your game (preferably with other MWSE-dependent mods).
Now if the problem persists, then disabling the mod and re-saving your savegame might help, and if all else fails I would try to clean the save file with Wrye Mash. (Of course backing your save up before doing any of these.)

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