This is a newer and more technically advanced version of my Library Revised mod. The portable library is located in an atmospheric little cavern very, very deep below ground. After you find the mysterious artifact that acts as a portal to your personal study, you may visit here at any time and display your recently found books with the help of an enchanted chest that can copy and arrange up to 369 distinct books and notes. You can also dump your loot here, rest up a bit, and continue your journey from where you left off.

Skizo has released a Book Jackets compatibility patch, which you can grab right here.

Version: 1.3b
Year of release: 2010
File size: 729 KB
Requirements: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon + MWSE (see readme)


That's my very own book collection!
Okay, I've cheated a little bit.
Anyone for a swim?
Dwemer schematics.


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2017-09-19 • 09:52
Added the option of having the " HOME" and "PEEK" buttons visible or hidden. From Inner Four: Everyone hearkens back to the good old days.
2017-08-17 • 16:16
The exciting new release of Libris is now available. The more bubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher your score will be.
2017-08-07 • 14:55
Throughout the years, three of Elisabeths children mysteriously appeared on the Fritzls doorstep. You can continue to interact with the grid while the keyboard is active.
2017-07-14 • 13:55
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2017-06-19 • 02:59
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2017-06-16 • 01:30
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2017-05-13 • 01:29
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