Adul's Arsenal adds close to a hundred new weapons to the game world, making your choice much more difficult when it comes to choosing the right tool to massacre critters with. These weapons use new meshes and mostly existing textures, therefore they will be affected by whatever texture packs you have installed.

Version: 3.05
Year of release: 2003
File size: 4.35 MB
Requirements: Morrowind + any expansion set (optional)


The shop.
More weapons.
Lots of weapons.


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2016-06-21 • 10:40
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2016-06-15 • 18:15
2014-08-03 • 02:49
Website Admin Adam Zsoldos
2013-06-16 • 13:33
@Pablo: Of course, go ahead and use it, I'm glad my mod is still of some use. :) Thanks for asking!
Thank you and permission request
2013-06-15 • 07:19
Hello Adul, you are an amazing modder for making these awesome and original mods, some of them are always a must while playing MW for me : )
Currently I'm making a re-make of the quest mod "Oluhan" by the modder Patrograd, and I wanted to use for the armor which the inquisitors of the mod wear, which is the hood that you put in Adul's Arsenal. Coul I use it? I will give you credits, obviously, and send you my work!
Thank you!
Pablo Eduardo
Blake Strider
2013-02-03 • 13:57
I can't find the shop in Balmora. It's in the northern part of town, between Nalcarya of Whitehaven and the Dunmer temple right? I don't know what I am missing, but I can't find it to save my life. all the mods requiring the shop are installed, along with selected in the "Data Files" menu at the launch screen... any help? best thing to do would be email me at
Thank You
2011-09-17 • 06:17
Thank you for your help and support, Adul.
Glad you are pleased. I tried to do your work proud.
I've received permission from yourself and Kagz, so only those meshes are included in the file I sent you.
No response yet from the other two Mod Authors, but at least I haven't received any "MAILER DAEMON"
undeliverable e-mail messages, so they may eventually respond. I'll wait another week or so before making any decisions.
Thanks again
Website Admin Adam Zsoldos
2011-09-16 • 16:40
Hey DARoot,
Thanks for sending me the link, those weapons look great! My rapier and stiletto match one another much better this way.
Say, I know you've had some trouble contacting the modders who made the other weapons, does this mean you've successfully gotten permission from them for a public release? I doubt they would have any problem with you sharing their work.
2011-09-16 • 10:11
Greetings again, Adul!
Well, you asked for it...if you have a Rapidshare account...:
Much appreciate your kindness and support. I hope you find this modest effort interesting.
More details in the ReadMe.
If you have comments, post them here, and I will take note of them.
Thanks again!
Website Admin Adam Zsoldos
2011-08-30 • 08:20
Hi again DARoot,
I truly appreciate your welcoming invitation. I know of Wolflore and have followed its existence with curiosity and interest for some time now, but so far I felt like I didn't have enough time to invest in joining another internet community and maintaining a presence there.
Still, your description made the website sound rather tempting so I might poke my head in there and say hi sometime.
Oh, and as for what to address me by Adul and Adam are both fine. I don't have a preference, really. Most people call me Adul on the internet because it's more distinguishable.
Again, thank you for the invitation!

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