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2014-10-25 • 09:39
Liang-fon estate located the people's procuratorate of a serious breach of the socialist morality, really can't. By some netizens think that yellow prosecutors punishment is overweight, potential reason may be that private style problem, compared with yellow prosecutors in reality some civil servants behavior is much more serious, such as public funds let family eat empty reimbursement of tourism, the use of power, etc.
2014-10-25 • 09:38
yellow prosecutor because their own reckless actions be removed is not wrong. Rebound this decision caused some opinion and remind us of the government, when officials make a decision on punishment, the best published article which is based on the laws and regulations at the same time, lest cause unnecessary suspicion.
2014-10-25 • 09:38
But he believes that married is just a minor illegal act, whether it is necessary to severe sanctions, legal science has always been controversial. However, under the existing laws and administrative regulations,
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2014-10-25 • 05:28
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2014-10-25 • 02:07
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2014-10-25 • 01:30
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2014-10-25 • 01:12
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2014-10-25 • 01:01
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2014-10-25 • 00:06
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2014-10-24 • 15:39
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